Top 10 Nail Art Designs with Gem Stones

Nail art is currently a big time trend in social media especially for women who are crazy about trying different designs and styles from different gem stones of varying texture. Stone nails with abstract patterns have an artistic appearance that can be done with a combination of dots, geometric shapes, tribal designs, and stripes.  You’ll need to arm yourself with a wide range of nail polish, studs, and gem stones to complete a dazzling and fun look.


Top Nail Art Designs

Here are 10 cool nail art ideas that can help you stand out or simply make you a fashionable individual wherever you go:

1. Blue abstract rhinestone nail designs

Gem Stones 1

Gem Stones 2

Rhinestone nail art offers an elegant appearance, but it gets more intriguing when you include a nice streak of blue into the mix. These cool blue nail accents will definitely leave any onlooker in awe. You can create nails like these in any blue shade and decorating it with stones or small silver rhinestones or other shades to show off a cool appearance.


2. Abstract rhinestone nail design in various styles

Gem Stones 3

Gem Stones 4

These nail art pieces offer an abstract design consisting of stones in a wide range of colors: white, orange, yellow, blue, and green along with a dash of glitter. Tips that are French- manicured can also have decorations via stones and customized abstract drawings. Stones and glitter can be included in abstract nails for a trendy appearance. They can also be used for a fashionable event.


3. Rhinestone nail design for shorter nails

Gem Stones 5

Gem Stones 6

Certain nail art designs look well on shorter nails. This includes designing rhinestones all over the nails to add “pizzazz” as well as enhancing your fashion personality. Different abstract design and styles can be made which include stripes in bold yellow colors or orange “flame” designs or chevron patterns in white and blue. You can top it off with rhinestones of varying shades and shapes for some shine.


4. Abstract floral stone nail designs

Gem Stones 7

Gem Stones 8

Women from different parts of the globe will always be in awe when it comes to floral nail art.  Such trend will continue for many years to come. Floral patterns provide an elegant and feminine influence if you want to take it to another level with some gem stones. Examples above show a stunning view of floral art with multi-colored stones for a surprisingly yet simple appearance.


5. Swarovski abstract stone nail designs

Gem Stones 9

Gem Stones 10

If you don’t have much issue spending a little more on settling for stone nail designs presented, you can style your nails with crystal or Swarovski stones. Nails with abstract design intend to look stylish when paired with shiny stones in different patterns. Usually, they have a spring influence with electrifying colors to compliment a “standout” appearance.


Nails that are frequently complimented with abstract designs and stones tend to have a unique appearance, which can nicely compliment any occasion. These nails have gained popularity over the years all over the world. The biggest reason comes from the fact that such nail designs are seen in women of different ages. Give any of these nail design with gem stones a go and you’ll appreciate their beauty regardless if it’s a simple piece of art or in wacky, fun colors. Best believe, these nail art examples are truly worth going for!